About us:

TAREC-IN provides Telecom Advanced Resources for operators by offering a broad range of Engineering and Consulting Services INternationally. Holding decades of experience coupled with eagerness for innovative and dynamic new ideas to solve challenges or grab unexploited opportunities.

Engaging in telecom business strategies for build out of new technologies/services and solutions for revenue generation, efficiency, opex saving, environmental gains for power supply and recycling of obsolete gear.

TAREC-IN introduce a "one-step-ahead" approach to the industry, trying to look around the corners to avoid surprise, early detection of devastating development and curious to unorthodox ideas that can make the difference. Maybe you need some external ones to think “outside of the box”?

We offer professional RFQ advisory to planning and execution of roll-out/in activities of operator's swap, down-scale and face-out projects, coupled with support of our DTC-International Agency for providing Reverse Logistics and After-Market-Services. If you Target Additional Revenue & Environmental Conscience, you should contact us immediately.

Optimal Build-out considering Markets, Technology, Services, Finances, Competition, Strategy


Optimal Tear-down considering minimum Opex, maximum Rest-value, Environmental Conscience

Time is the critical factor, and so is the timing.

Is your Reverse Logistic process equally efficient as your Forward one?

We may help you optimizing them both.

TAREC-IN is enthusiastically supporting new initiatives that may provide enhancements within the telecom business. Our support of Start-Ups ranges from:


  • Training and Certification in latest technologies within telecoms/it.
  • planning tools for optimization of micro-wave & fiber-optic networks
  • optimization tool for RAN cell planning based on OSS data
  • digital repeaters for improving mobile signals & prepare for 4G
  • ultimate online fraud protection system to ecommerce business
  • e2e encrypted and Nato confidential certified communication system
  • soft tools reducing time2market for new services, simplifying network control, providing network simulation and a more efficient planning process
  • new concepts for improved cyber authorization and control - providing simplicity and revenue within digital services.


  • Introduction of solar energy and roll-out of PV-systems by Haugaland Kraft AS in Norway
  • Micro-CHP hybrid energy solutions based on BioGas and Solar/FuelCell, GRE India
  • planning and funding of green clean energy for telecom-sites, EBI “Waste2Energy” Bangladesh
    (project terminated)


  • providing data/telecom support and funding to “Health On Wheels” a Health And Education For All (HAEFA) project, focusing health services & aid to 1 million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar and unprivileged workers of Bangladesh


  • CEO holding ambassadorship in INDUSTRY 5.0. Working for waste prevention, to provide a world free of waste and wasting in all its forms

We offer you Telecom Advanced Resources within Engineering & Consultancy and Renewable Energy Consultancy through


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